Moving from an academic institution after graduation to a corporate environment is one of the largest transitions a young person faces. While our education system provides the new graduates or post-graduates with required knowledge, the system often falls short of providing them the know-how to navigate their way through the metaphorical corridors of their workplace. While employment may be within reach, employability is one aspect where new recruits need support.

This is where we come in. Yogyasheel is a program which transforms the student into the professional. We stress on employability and entrepreneurship, while giving an exposure into the maze of unspoken nuances and undiscovered social rules which govern the workplace. The roads which they must traverse would require the right attitude and behavioural aspects along with life skills and capabilities which mark a consummate professional.

We start with a skill gap analysis around industrial areas close to the location of client plants. The aim is to map the students to local employment / entrepreneurship activity and build an ecosystem around it. we then identify schools and colleges offering undergraduate courses, ITI centres and skill development centres close-by. After assessment of students, we identify industry partners for their placement and map the skill gap between industry skill needs and student’s skill sets. We conduct trainings for making the students employable as per the gaps identified.

Objectives of Yogyasheel

  • To make the students from undergraduate, graduate, ITI and training institutes develop life skills to help them become employable.
  • To provide employment opportunities to the interested students / candidates.

Details of the program
This program is aimed at supporting the undergraduate, graduate, ITI, training institutes to help the youth get assessed and trained on life skills, and professional attitude and becoming employable. These courses are available online from easy to access online platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. However, if required offline versions of these courses are also available where trainers will visit locations to conduct workshops. Through an experiential learning methodology using Honey and Mumford’s learning styles, this course has gamified versions of aptitude tests, measuring problem solving, numerical and English literacy, instruction assimilation, productivity and trainability. We use lectures, role plays, assignments, case studies, class discussions and feedback sessions so that candidates can get the best out of our program.

Learning Outcomes
  • Assess the students on skills through aptitude tests.
  • Develop an enabling and positive attitude.
  • Practice effective business communication skills to build rapport.
  • Importance of working in teams.
  • Build interpersonal skills
  • Being job ready as per industry needs.
  • Make the transition from campus life to corporate life

Organisations are in constant lookout for candidates who are highly skilled, knowledgeable and proficient in their field. The rise in a global economy has lifted the barriers of geographical limitations and companies are hiring the right candidate for the right job. Organisations worldwide seek a well-educated candidate who is well-versed in his field as a part of their workforce. On the other hand, students seek a relevant industry exposure that will correlate their field and propel them towards excellence along with a better job placement. To enhance their reputation, educational institutions are on a constant quest of finding the leading organisations for OJT/ internship, study tour or campus placements.

We are an establishment that understands the interdependency of all these institutions and aims to provide the most desirable solution to all parties involved. With its panel of experts in technical and vocational education and training for over 60 man year’s, Global Accel (GA) will connect student candidates to the right organisations to enrich their learning experience. GA aims to provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of the knowledge they gain in their classrooms. We specialise in are agriculture, mining, IT, healthcare, automobile, construction/infrastructure and sports sectors.