Training and Culture

Training and Culture

Also called Training and Development, these key HR functions go hand in hand for employee benefit and betterment. It is a proven way to increase employee satisfaction and retention. With Ken Mentors you are set for all your company training and development needs. Our expert trainers hold workshops for managers for all levels on-

  • Competency based Behavioural Interviewing Skills
  • PoSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) for ICC members and employees
  • Core competencies for HR teams
  • Coaching series for FTLs (First Time Leaders)
  • Creating an effective communication environment to improve productivity
  • Orientation to excellent customer service
  • Building highly productive teams
  • Corporate value workshops for organizations

Our customized programs are 360 degree and once we start working with your teams, as an organization you can rest easy. How do we go about it?
Once we have identified your company’s training needs, our proficient team identifies the goals or expectations and objectives before implementing the training, either in person or online. We can deliver e-learning and long term mentoring initiatives. Our training programs can be project based or customized, all as per your company requirements.

In these trying times when employees are mostly working from home, we have you covered, as your teams and managers can avail of all these programs from the safety of their homes. Once things get back on the road, then we also go back offline seamlessly without any hiccups to your company’s systems or processes.

We use the Kirkpatrick’s Training Evaluation Model, where our team assesses Reaction, Learning, Behaviour and Result of the learners post the training session. At every step of the training process, our adept and master trainers assess and tweak the program to suit the learners needs. This highly process-oriented approach ensures that every subsequent level provides accurate measurement of the usefulness of the training course, giving you bang for your buck.