We are Ken Mentors

We are Ken Mentors

‘Ken’, the Scottish word for ‘knowledge’, is the driving force behind the inception of our philosophy. We at Ken Mentors specialise in mentoring and facilitating you to achieve your organization to achieve the business objectives through current knowledge of HR philosophies and processes, all done with an innovative edge.

Our expertise not only helps you in talent acquisition and succession planning, it also extends to your organization’s 360 degree employee feedback, training needs analysis, campus to corporate initiatives, training the first time manager and leadership development.

Ken Mentors was formed by a group of professionals hailing from a combination of corporate and the education domains, having more than 35 years of experience in various aspects of HR. We came together in 2003, with the combined passion of supporting organizations in their hiring and talent management, leadership development, training and employee engagement.

The Ken Mentor difference
We understand that your employees are your assets and human asset is what we specialise in. What started as a training and mentoring team has now developed into a holistic one-stop-shop for all your employee needs.

We start with your hiring needs, which includes our campus-to-corporate program. Once your new hires join, we help them in the ‘onboarding’ process into your organization. The onboarding program is designed keeping in mind your company’s culture and ways of working. Once the new hire starts the process of integration into the business, training programs are designed and facilitated for your first time managers to hit the ground running. Various initiatives like succession planning through assessment and development centres, behavioural trainings, culture integration workshops, performance appraisals, are built in for your existing employees at new, mid and leadership levels.

With us, you will find custom made solutions to all your manpower and human asset needs, in one place, where a dedicated member assigned especially to you will be just one phone call away. What is more, we are all highly passionate individuals who are experts in our respective fields. Finally, and most importantly, we care. Most importantly, WE CARE FOR YOUR TALENT NEEDS. The difference is noticeable.