Human Resource Intervention Practices

Human Resource Intervention Practices

Human Resources Intervention Practices aim to boost a company’s performance and efficiency through cultivating the team members (individual & group) performances, commitment, and flexibility. This is done chiefly through approaches that emphasize on managing the individual. There are micro level and macro level human resources intervention practices. Moreover, there are also managerial intervention as well as operational or trouble shooting human resources intervention practices.

At Ken Mentors, our human resources intervention practices are targeted at evolving, integrating, and supporting the employees in an organization. These human resources intervention practices operate on the grounds that employee development and welfare can lead to amplified organizational performance. We follow three main human resources intervention practices: Performance Management, Developing Talent and Managing Workforce Diversity and Well-Being.

Ken Mentors brings customized human resources intervention practices as per industry standard & value generating implementation support. Developing a training program for human resources intervention practices involves assessing the requisite, designing materials, making training presentations and exercises, executing the program, and assessing the success of the program.

Our human resources intervention practices work on improving the inter-personal relations and group dynamics in organization. It also recounts to help members to self-analyze in terms of their behavior and by this means fetching improvements that will allow them to function better in groups leading to higher performance of the group and the organization as a whole.

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