Assessment Centre and Development Centre

Assessment Centre and Development Centre

Our assessment centres evaluates your human asset for their training needs identification, high-potential identification, leadership development and succession planning. For prediction, diagnosis and development, our assessment centres are targeted at both new hires and seasoned managers.

Our development centres have trained assessors who map the strengths and development areas of your human assets and then target these development areas with suggestions for improvements.

What our assessment centres and development centres do-

  • Define key competencies required for one to succeed in critical roles
  • Nominate / hire candidates
  • Use reliable & valid tools to evaluate candidate readiness on key competencies
  • Use customized reports and handpick the right candidates for succession
  • Develop & track growth of selected candidates growth

Why go for AC/ DC?
Firstly, an assessment and development center is better than the standard recruitment process with a broader range of methods leading to more efficient results. An interviewer can actually assess not just the present performance of an employee but future potential as well. This provides a broader view of performance and makes selection an easier game. Not only that, traditional recruitment methods are not able to effective differentiate between two apparently very similar candidates, which this process can.

On the candidate side, candidate gets better idea of the role and expectations and also about their own strengths and learning areas. This gives them a running start towards the leadership role that they aspire to.

In the long run, this process also helps a company build a better brand. Ethically, this is a fair process and it also takes care of diversity and inclusion.

The icing on the cake is that it is cheaper than the whole recruitment process. Given that it has been proven to lead to higher levels of employee satisfaction and hence, lesser attrition, the cumulative benefits of AC/DC are immense.