Assessment Center And Development Center

Assessment Center And Development Center

The Assessment Centre & Development Centre (AC/DC) evaluates employee competence by means of numerous techniques such as simulation, psychometric exam, and drills for a variation of human resource activities comprising of hiring/recruitment, selection, raise, training and development, succession planning, and much more. Assessment and Development centers are specialized exercises designed to measure an individual's skills, fitment and developmental requisites in an organisation. Usually, an Assessment Centre is different from a Development Centre. You may utilize one of the two options based on your long-term goal.

At Ken Mentors, we specialise in organizing personalized and useful Assessment and Development Centres that deliver precision and efficiency to your talent recognition & development practices.

Over the years, Ken Mentor’s Assessment and Development Centre methodology has been getting popular amongst our clients because of its accuracy in assessing and envisaging decision-making competencies in a transparent means. Furthermore, the Assessment and Development Centre delivers a level-playing ground for individuals from diverse functions and domains.

Some of its prevalent uses consist of – but are not restricted to:

  • Recognizing individual strengths and skill gaps to take staffing or promotion decisions (typically for mid, senior, or high strategic position)
  • Initial identification of leadership potential
  • Forming a realistic career
  • Good Progression plan
  • Succession planning

We engage meticulously with you to comprehend business objectives and then bring into line every element to your capabilities and conventional goals. The research-based approach of Assessment and Development Centre at Ken Mentors has authorized clients to develop some of their most transformational leaders in the industry.

If your organization wants professional help in setting up Assessment and Development Centre, we are just a click away!